Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Point

I need the beach in my life. 

While I live on the West Coast (well, an hour from the coast), I don’t get nearly enough beach time in. I also need the sun, and that is in short supply around here too. One of the few things that sustains me through our long, grey, wet winter is knowing that come the end of July, we head for Point Roberts.
The view from our front windows - Conner playing with his friend.

The tide goes way out and creates little pools that stay warm in the sun until the tide comes back in. Great for exploring, paddling and skim boarding.

It’s our third summer here. We’ve rented the top floor of the same house on Maple Beach each year and we all look forward to our week at the Point. 

Liam on the beach in front of our place.
Unfortunately Quinn’s not with us this trip – he’s in Alberta for a few weeks on a job – but the rest of us are soaking up some serious down time and it’s been glorious.
Quinn last year at the Point - just because I miss him and wish he were here now.
Our friends have a place down the beach, and all day long the kids travel in packs on bikes from house to house, eating, playing, swimming and having a great old time. This year all the kids are older and I’m more relaxed and it’s meant they’ve had a lot more freedom to explore on their own.

At any given time we have up to eleven bikes outside our place. I have been going through a lot of popsicles, chips and ice cream. 

This is a special place. I love that it's so close - we can drive here in an hour and a half, including border line up. It's a well-kept secret and if I thought that anyone actually read this, I probably wouldn't write about it because I don't want the secret to get out. Five square miles of US land, surrounded by water to the south, west and east, and the Canadian border (and Tsawwassen) to the north. 

See that little point of land south of Tsawwassen - south of the 49th Parallel makes it US land.
I've taken some great pictures today of the beach and the beach cottages which I'll post later.