Friday, February 18, 2011

Our First House

In 2004 we had a very young family (our kids were between the ages of 9 and six months).  We decided it was time to buy but because of Vancouver's sky-rocketing housing prices, we looked East and bought in the Fraser Valley.  We bought one of the first houses we saw, mainly because we could afford it, mostly because it was on the side of town that I liked.  But not knowing much about the area, we ended up buying on one of the busiest through streets.  Strangely, it was never busy when we looked at the house...

It was very ugly inside, as these next few pictures demonstrate, but we felt we were up to the challenge and were excited to put our mark on it. 

Please note: none of this furniture belongs to me :)

We fixed that house up mostly by ourselves, but the road got busier as more development happened in the eastern suburbs.  In the end, we flipped it within a year.

Our two youngest getting baths.  It was the hottest summer on record, and we had no running water in our bathroom.

I didn't get to enjoy that kitchen for long, but in the end, it was what sold the house on the stupidly busy street.

It was an exhausting process and we decided next time we'd do it slow.  And we'd hire someone else to do all the work.

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