Monday, October 15, 2012

Cross Country

Conner and Liam were on the grade four and five Cross Country teams at their school this past fall. Conner was very self-motivated to run on the team, Liam less so (but was persuaded when told that it was X Country or no Minecraft).
Grade Four Boys' Race. Liam (2nd from right)
The season consists of three meets, two at our school, and one at the park behind our house (my favourite for convenience, the boys least favourite because of the wicked hill at the end to the finish line). The teams are from five or six area elementary schools.

This season we saw a lot of friends from church and were able to cheer on a lot of kids we know who go to other schools.
Rebecca and Emily
Across the field at the start of the race,
Grade 5 Boys' Race. Conner is fourth from the left
through the woods, and across the bridge,
and up Heartbreak Hill. It doesn't look too steep here, but there were more than a couple of kids crying by the time they got halfway up.
Conner placed in the top ten in a couple of the races, and top fifteen in the first race. He's plagued with shin splints and foot pain so I think it may be time for new insoles.
Liam may be in the back of the starting pack at the beginning of the race, but he always places in a very respectable middle position. He must have passed a lot of the kids that wore themselves on the sprint across the field at the start of the race.
I'm so proud of both of them for giving their best efforts this season. I love to watch them run, to practice and to see the result of their efforts.

Next up: soccer.

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