Saturday, October 13, 2012

Seabrook, Washington

More on the lovely houses we saw during our anniversary getaway at Seabrook earlier this week...
The development is based on principles of New Urbanism, which basically means that it's meant to replicate a town rather than a subdivision or housing development. You are meant to be able to walk everywhere - there is a town centre with a restaurant and shops, streets have sidewalks on both sides, green spaces with park benches are on every corner it seems, and back lane access means that cars are tucked out of sight.
The restaurant was pleasant (loved the interior), although at lunch at least there weren't a lot of grain-free options and the hostess was less than hospitable.
Our house had beach cruiser bikes in the shed, which we used one afternoon to cruise around and check out the area.
This courtyard was similar to the one in front of our cottage (which I didn't get a good picture of, but this gives you the idea). The firepit would be a nice place to do s'mores with the kids in the summer.
Liam couldn't understand why we would have left him behind when there was two bedrooms in our cottage. I think we'll definitely head back next year with the whole family, perhaps in the spring.

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