Saturday, August 18, 2012

Eat Street

Our trip has come to a close. We're packed and ready to leave for the airport and we are tired. But a good tired. We packed a lot into our last day and I wanted to post the pictures of one of the things we did yesterday before we leave.

On our last day we went to the Whitecross Street Market. Our kids faithfully watch a show on the Canadian Cooking Channel called Eat Street.
They travel around and profile various street food vendors. Mostly in North America, but they did a couple of episodes in London. Kyle was determined to track some of the food vendors down before we left so we found ourselves at Whitecross Street Market on a beautiful Friday.

Eat My Pies was profiled on the show.
Andy Bates is the owner. His mother was running the stall and she is lovely.
We had a Scotch Egg and it was delicious.
Here's a recipe on BBC Food if you want to make your own.

We visited quite a few vendors and ate Paella, Steak and Chorizo Pie, Scotch Eggs & Mussels. For dessert we had the Australian classic, Lamingtons. Delicious but it was way too much food for me. Kyle was fine, of course. I was sick but that was my own fault for eating too much.

 We ate our lunch in the park across the street before heading off to the Churchill War Rooms.

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