Tuesday, August 7, 2012


We left Milton Keynes bright and early on the 7:14 train to Euston Station. It was the first time we'd been in London on this trip and the city was bustling with Olympic spirit in and around the station. We walked from Euston to St Pancras International, where we caught the Eurostar to Paris. I completely missed the part where we went under the Channel - will have to watch for it on the way home. It can't have taken very long.
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We had about an hour in Paris, enough time to find our way from the Paris North station to Paris St Lazare, via the Metro. About that time I realized that my French is abysmal, and I was embarrassed at how inept I was at asking for directions.
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Seriously, I couldn't have found my way without Kyle. He was able to figure out how things worked and knew somehow instinctively which direction we should go. At one point, after I had done something he found amusing, he looked at me and said, "I bet this is how you used to feel with Nana." Cheeky, right?
Do you see how he's looking at me?
Once we were in Caen, we made our way to Le Memorial de Caen. It is a very large, very well done museum with exhibits on the First and Second World Wars, and has an extensive exhibit on D-Day.  I wanted to see the Museum in advance of our Omaha Beach/Band of Brothers tour tomorrow to give us context.

We then traveled from Caen to Bayeux on the train and walked (for miles) to what may be the smallest hotel room I've ever stayed in. Cheap and clean ... at this point, that's all I can ask for.
Kyle gets the top bunk.
We went for a walk this evening through the medieval town of Bayeux. There is rich history here - from the Bayeux Tapestry and William the Conquerer to the D-Day Landings on June 6, 1944. We went inside the Bayeux Cathedral which dates back to 1077. I plan to go back tomorrow evening to take some pictures of the detailed architecture inside and out.

We had dinner at a Creperie. These pictures are for you, Max.

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