Saturday, August 4, 2012

Grand Adventure

It seems like forever ago now, but I once told my children when they were sixteen they should pick somewhere and we would go, just the two of us.
Kyle is turning 16 in a few weeks. And he and I leave for London today.

Ever since he was a little boy, Kyle has been absorbed by history - in particular World War II. This trip is all about seeing the sights he's read about all these years, visiting the Imperial War Museum, the Churchill War Rooms, the HMS Victory (not WW2, I know but cool nonetheless).
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We will be there for the last week of the Olympics too, and are hoping that my friend who is working on NBC's coverage will be able to hook us up with some tickets.

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We are also going to visit Normandy to see the D-Day landing sites.

I traveled a lot with my family as a child and in my early teens. My step dad worked all over the world, and as kids we had some pretty amazing experiences. Traveling opened my eyes and gave me insight that I wouldn't have had otherwise. I am so grateful for that, and for a generous mother-in-law with lots of air miles so that Kyle and I can share this adventure together now.

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